Bring on 2019!


January 2019 marks one year for us since we started our journey to financial freedom. 2018 was a good start for us on our path to FI including the launch of this blog in February! It has been very helpful in keeping us on track and holding us accountable. We were able to pay down our mortgage and car payments significantly, as well as pay off 1 out of 3 credit cards.

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Is your side hustle helping you to make money AND save money?

side hustle dog

At the beginning of this year we decided that we were going to get more serious about side hustling! We were looking for ways to get out of debt faster and since neither of us were getting a raise and hadn’t won the lottery, side hustles were the way to go!

In April we posted about how I was going to start doing secret shopping again and Mr. Money Magnet would start flipping vehicles. The flipping vehicles was going ok, but my secret shopping side hustle was practically dead before it started. Continue reading

FinCon18: Suppressing your inner weirdo and other important tips!

FinCon 18 Flamingo

Take advantage of the location

We arrived the Sunday before FinCon and were able to go to Universal Studios and Universal Islands of Adventure, I highly recommend checking out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter even if you are not familiar with the books (or movies)! We also experienced some of the fun spots on International drive like WonderWorks and the Sea Life Aquarium. Continue reading

Surviving Hurricane Harvey – One year later


August 25th 2017, Harvey made its first of three landfalls on the Texas coast as a category 4 hurricane. The next day it was over the Houston area where it sat for the following 5 days, dumping over 50 inches of rain and setting too many weather related records to count. The numbers on Harvey are still adding looks like it will become the  most destructive and expensive natural disaster ever in American history, surpassing even Katrina (2005). Continue reading

Is back to school in your budget?

back to school

We all know that August means back to school time, and with that comes the usual shopping for school supplies and other items like back packs, clothes and shoes.  It comes as a shock that most families don’t include this in their budget. We all know its coming, it’s the same time every year just like Christmas and birthdays.

Check out the suggestions and tips below on preparing you and your budget for back to school.  These can vary depending on age, grade, school or university. For the younger kids you will most likely get a specific list of items you will need to have ready by their first day. Some school are very picky on the items being exactly what is requested, while others are more relaxed.

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No two FIRE’s are alike

FIRE with 2 flames

Just like the fire that you have at your camp site or the kind that starts an inferno on the side of the road, no two are exactly alike. Fire has been described as having a mind of its own and being unpredictable. Just like the FIRE in the financial community each is unique and as much as you plan and try to control your fire, you never know what will truly happen until its time. Continue reading

What doesn’t kill you . . .

They say what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger!  A lot of strong, successful people are where they are today because of something that ‘made them stronger’.  Possibly from a traumatic event or even just their lifestyle growing up. But is it really the things that didn’t kill us, that makes us stronger? Continue reading