About Us


Hello and welcome to our blog!  This is our first time doing anything like this and we are excited to share our adventure with you!  Mr. Money Magnet and I have been together now for over a decade and have 2 kids, a mortgage and about $65,000 in debt, including student loans.(Yikes that hurts just typing the number!) Recently we started learning about F.I.R.E. (financial independence/retire early) and even though we are not in our 20’s and hoping to retire by 30 like a lot of others in the FIRE community we still feel like we can successfully aim for an early retirement!

About Mr. Money Magnet

We both grew up believing that we needed to work hard for our money. My husbands father was the only source of income for their large family of 8 and while alive he was an amazing provider and they never needed to worry about money. After his fathers sudden passing, when Mr Money Magnet was just a teenager; his mother was left trying to figure it all out on her own. She had no idea of what business he was involved in or even which bank he used. This was a turning point in Mr. Money Magnets life when he realized he had to start really working hard in order to survive in life and to get where he wanted to be. He has never stopped since!

About Mrs. Money Magnet

I grew up with a dad who liked to save and a mom who liked to spend. He would always say she spent too much and she would always say he never made enough. They divorced when i was 9 and i remember growing up thinking that i never wanted to get married or have kids and i am going to be a millionaire when i grow up! Then i met Mr Money Magnet and he changed my mind on 2 out of 3 of those! (Still currently working on achieving the 3rd one!)

I like to think of myself as a hard worker who never wanted anyones help getting the things i wanted. I paid cash for my first car and she was my baby! I felt a huge sense of pride driving that car, not because it was new and fancy, ( which it was not) but because i had paid cash for it with my money and it was mine!

When i was 19 and signing a lease for my first apartment, i remember having to call my dad to be my co-signer because i didn’t have any rental history. I was even about to cry on the phone while asking him because in a way i felt like i had failed by not doing it on my own, even though all i was asking from him was a signature. I had always been proud to say i did it on my own!

Since being with Mr. Money Magnet that thought of i can do anything has now become, WE can do anything! I love that we are truly each others best friend, partner in crime and taking on the world together!

Money Magnets

When we lived in Dallas a friend of ours introduced us to a movie called The Secret that talked about the power of attraction and becoming a Money Magnet. As we were watching it i started to realize that i had already been a money magnet my whole life and i just didn’t know it. Every time i needed money i would somehow find it, whether it was $20 on the sidewalk or a job opportunity for more money.

Since then we have learned to both be Money Magnets, I can’t tell you the number of times we have found cash just laying on the ground or needed money for something and all of a sudden we had a check in the mail from something we had forgotten about like a deposit from years before or a last paycheck from a previous employer. This became a recurring theme for us, we are Money Magnets!

We look forward to sharing with you our financial lessons learned from our past, (some the hard way) as well as our new skills going forward. Our next step on the path to financial independence is to continue to be money magnets, but to also incorporate our newly learned FIRE skills;  like investing, side hustles and travel hacking. Our goal is to become debt free and have the financial freedom to be able to work for fun, give back to our community and travel the globe!